Research Resources

Oral History Database
As part of ACRI’s ongoing mission to gather and preserve the Albany Movement’s history, the Institute will continue to collect and digitize oral history stories from participants, supporters 2bfreeand observers of the Movement. These histories will be stored and made available to researchers and the public in the ACRI Oral History Database.


The oral history project entails reaching out into the community and actively seeking the local stories of the movement. This project allows ACRI to hear from everyday, regular residents of Albany and southwest Georgia who put their lives, jobs, and families on the line for the sake of equality. ACRI has gathered accounts from neighbors, teachers, city officials, and others all over southwest Georgia. Their heartrending accounts of bravery, struggles, fear and faith, are now recorded for posterity and ACRI encourages anyone with a story to tell about the Albany Movement to call or drop by to schedule a time when their stories can be recorded.

"This project is supported by the Georgia Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities and through appropriations from the Georgia General Assembly".